Sailboat Charter Greece – Sailboat rental Greece

Wide selection of sailing yachts and sailboats for charter in Greece

Here you can find various models of sailboats, ranging from small sailboats to luxury sailing yachts, which can be chartered bareboat and crewed. We have many sailboats types like: Bavaria Cruiser, Bavaria Vision, Bavaria Match, Bavaria, Dufour, Beneteau Cyclades, Gib Sea, Elan, Elan Impression, Grand Soleil, Jeanneau, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, Hanse, Oceanis, Salona and much more.

Sailing Boats Greece charter is usually for more experienced yachtsmen.  Sailing boats are the best choice for those who looks for a more active time in charter and who consider sailing sensations be more than just comfort sailing and relaxing.

Our sailing boats can be rented in Greece with our skipper, but can be also chartered bareboat. Find best sailboat for you in our fleet. Our sailing boats fleet is located in beautiful Greece in several marinas along the Greek coast. Sailing boat charter.

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Sailboat Charter Greece

Charter a sailboat in Greece is still the most requested way to spend the sea vacation for many tourists. Cruising on the Greek sea and the Mediterranean is on of the most unforgettable experience for all people that love the sea and sailboats rent in Greece. There are various models of sailboats in our fleet from small yachts with two cabins, to the large sailboats with five and from now also six cabins for ten or also twelve people. They are all equipped with all the equipment needed to stay on the open sea around Greek islands and offer comfort and relax travel. Such sailboat vessels are more economical than all other catamarans, motor boats or luxury motor yachts.

Sailboat charter Greece

You can hire a sailing boat – yacht on your own bareboat if you have a valid boat license and the nautical experience. Charterers without and nautical experience can hire a boat with a professional skipper who will show you the basics of managing a sailboat and the sails. And for the sailors that are looking to have total luxury vacation and with that relaxation without any obligations, we can offer charter a yacht with a crew, which will take care about all the needs of the guests on board.

Sailing Yachts for charter are the biggest part of Yacht Charter in Greece. Sailboats have spacious cockpit area and saloon for the crew, and less comfort in cabins. They have the equipment adapted to the needs of the crew. All sailing boats in Yacht Charter in Greece have the standard equipment. You can hire additional equipment if not in the standard like gennaker or spinnaker.

Sailing Yachts can be rented as Crewed Charter or Barebaot Charter in Greece. Also you can hire a skipper, hostess or a cook if you need it. If you rent a boat bareboat without a skipper, you will need to have a license in Greece. Sailing with the sails you will save the money and also take care of nature of our planet.

Sailing boats are the most represented and also the most requested type of boats for YachtCharter in Greece. They are ideal choice for the family vacation, sailing with your friends, team buildings or Sailing Holidays in Greece.

In or offer we have about 500 sailing boats in Yacht Charter Greece, you can choose between comfortable sailboats, economic sailing yachts, prestige sailing boats, sport yachts and much more. In our charter fleet we have some of most interesting models of Sailing Vacations in Croatia boats like Bavaria, Beneteau, Hanse, Jeanneau, Grand Soleil and much more.

Why charter a sailing boat – yacht?

Sailing yacht charter Greece is an inviting activity and the perfect sailing choice fro true sailing adventures. Once known as the only way to cross the seas and find undiscovered destinations, today sailing is a lot more than that. It’s not only a challenge or recreation; it is a new way of life for may people.

There is a considerable numbers of sailing yacht charter boats and a variety of yacht types and designs in the today yacht charter market. Is is quite inviting activity for all people that is are searching for adventure and fun, its an ideal recreation to master you skills when skippering a boat. The sailing boats are propelled by the wind but also with a diesel-powered engine.

However, the sailing yachts are slower than motor boats, sailing boats are more economical when there two are compared to the fuel consumption than motor boats. Sailing boats have fewer fuel cost than the motor boats and other yachts. You can on sailboats enjoy a quiet and long cruisers to your destination. Sailing boats require some more experience and skills. These boats are more convenient that other boats because of there favorable price for charter. Besides, chartering a sailing boat provides relaxing and pleasure sailing charter vacation.

Sailing yacht charter Greece

In our fleet of sailing yachts (boats) for charter offers direct links to all the sailing yachts in the database. The charter boat types range from luxury crewed sailing yachts to sailing bareboats from all bases on Greece coast and islands.

Crewed sail yacht – Sail yacht with skipper – Sail bareboat – Sport sailing yacht – Fast regatta sailboats – Catamaran – Luxury sailing mega yacht
Sailing boats brands for rent in Greece: Jeanneau yachts, Hanse, Beneteau Oceanis, Beneteau First, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey, Bavaria cruiser, Elan Impression, Dufour Gib’sea, Grand soleil, Nauticat, Oyster, Hunter, Feeling, X yachts, Comet, Salona, Vektor.

Sailboat charter Greece

With a large and varied portfolio of top of the range vessels, we are the number one choice for an unforgettable private yacht charter vacation in Greek Sea. Whether you are looking to go sailing in Greece and rent a small sailing charter yacht to suit your family and have the know-how to sail it or on bareboat basis, or fancy hiring a huge state-of-the-art ultra luxury sailing charter vessel with a crew of three or more called; a skippered yacht charter Greece, we have all the solutions.

Our dedicated team of professionals will be able to help you find the perfect charter yacht in Greece. But before you give us a call at one of our offices, why not browse our list of sailing yachts available for rent below in Greece. Find yacht charter Greece if you are sure which brand of sailboat you and your party are looking for.

Our portfolio of luxury sailing yacht charters in Greece are for the most part, brand new and equipped with the latest technology and comforts. They are also all registered to charter in Greece under the regulations of the Greece Maritime Affairs Ministry. This includes world renowned yachts such as Jeanneau, Beneteau, Dufour, Bavaria, Hanse. Contact us today as there really is something for everyone and every budget wishing to spend their holiday in paradise sailing in Greece.

Clients can also choose between renting a sailing yacht charter in Greece on a bareboat basis or with a skipper and or crewed basis with chef and hostess if you fancy total rest and relaxation on your holiday of a lifetime. Luxury sailing charter boats are available for hire out of a string of popular ports in Greece, including Athens, Chania, Corfu, Kos, Lavrion, Lefkada, Mykonos, Paros, Patras, Rhodes, Skiathos and Skopelos but do not worry if you have not yet decided on your itinerary.

Sailing yachts over 15 meters in length provide an exquisite vacation in luxury and style. These yachts are ideal for extended vacations, for they provide comfort; mostly 5 cabins, some with 3 or 4. Price range is between 3,400 to 39,000 EUR per week.

You can also find mostly sailing yachts with 4 cabins, some with 3 or 5. Price range is between 2,990 to 8,800 EUR per week.

Sailing boats with 3 or 4 cabins with price range 2,000 to 7,500 EUR.

These sailing yachts come with 2, mostly 3, some with 4 cabins, or even 6 Nautitech 395 (10 people + 1). Price range is from 1,550 to 5,250 EUR per week.

Sailboat yacht charter greece

Advantages of sailing yachts

Advantages for chartering a sailing yachts:

  • Tacks easily. The combination of weight with a homogeneous, relatively concentrated mass and with a keel to pivot on—this contributes to easy tackinge
  • Large load carrying capacity
  • Relatively lower tech construction methods that are less expensive can be used because weight isn’t as critical
  • Traditional good looks
  • Motion comfort. The concentration of mass, and relatively smooth hull sections promote a comfortable motion at sea. By depending on ballast, not just form stability, you achieve a degree of motion comfort that many people are used to
  • Don’t spend many fuel

Disadvantages for chartering a sailing yachts:

  • Slower
  • They heel. It’s true. However, modern sail handling options such as in-mast furling allow you to control the amount of heel by easily adjusting and balancing the sail area all from the cockpit
  • The rig is larger. In order to maintain performance with this heavier displacement, we need to have a bigger rig to supply power in lighter airs
  • Volume vs length? Displacement is the measure of volume. Longer length gives you more motion comfort, in general. You can have a short, heavy fat boat with the same volume as a long, narrow lighter boat and both may have similar volume, though the prices may be similar. I can assure you, though, that the longer, lighter boat will sail better and have a more comfortable motion

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